Friday, June 24, 2016

Fancy Writing A Winter Story? Dive in!

My lovely fellow TB author Delilah Night is creating an amazing anthology of winter stories.

Read about it here in her submissions call.

To quote Delilah -

"Coming Together is a series of charity anthologies. All proceeds from Under the Mistletoe will benefit Project Linus, which provides home-made blankets to children in crisis. Read my post about the call to learn how I became involved with Project Linus and why I care so deeply about the organisation."

Stories should be 7.5k. So if you're looking for a small project, this one is perfect. And all for a wonderful cause.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Delicious New Cover!

Cover, cover on the wall - you're the fairest of them all!

This is the delicious cover for Spying With Sir. Book #2 in the Sassy With Sir Series of rom coms will be out mid August (Totally Bound exclusive) and mid September general release.

I'm just gonna leave this here because it's so pretty!

Thanks Emmy Ellis for a fantastic job.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Writing A Series - Friend Or Foe?

I thought I'd blog quickly about writing my first series. Yes, I did say first. And I'm only two books in. But I'm writing this because it's new and still new and it strikes me there are distinct pluses and negatives.

The Good
1 Yey. You get to meet beloved characters again. How good is that? You get to explore characters who stayed on the periphery yet winked at you beguilingly. Double yey! I say, hold me back.
2 If people liked your other books then they have an added incentive to buy your book natch. Triple yey. And isn’t that just a biggie?
3 It’s a bit like climbing back into a cosy, toasty bed made up with favourite sheets and comforters. You know it felt so good in there and you know before you begin why you love it so much! So pull back those sheets and jump inside! Surely past experience isn’t lying?
The Bad
4 The angst. What if you fail to deliver? What if the characters don’t flow like they did in the last one? What if what if what if? And again what ‘neurotic’ if!
5 The pressure. People liked that book. It got praise! What if they hate this one? What if I make a pig’s dinner next time? This one’s different – eeek, again you’re filled with woe.
6 Can you keep delivering books at this wordage? At this pace? Will you dry up? Aaaagh.
The Ugly
7 Um what if I’m getting sick of them. And what if they whispered tales to me that I just can’t rise to when I need to put fingers on keys?
8 What if I stretch myself as a writer as a result – pushing new limits. Breaking new boundaries. Perish the thought!!! What if a series is the next step in developing. Hush my truth-pushing mouth!
Unfortunately the above, now that I look back on it, seems like a bit of a negatives over positives. But please believe me when I say pish and tush I love a series. I’m new to it but it’s great – like a wonderful vista promising untold adventures. It gives me structure. I find comfort in going back to a world I know and love. I also like nothing better than fleshing out characters who’d dazzled in miniature.
I also love reading series books most of all so I guess I’m a committed fan. Which boosts me in the conviction to try.
So in summary – writing a series brings comfort and familiarity to the writing journey but there’s still no room for complacency – just because you know the characters or location doesn’t mean they’ll be kind, easy to work with or the stay will be pleasant for both parties.
What do you think? #MondayBlogs #amwriting

Monday, May 09, 2016

Release Day - Terror, Trepidation or Trumpet Voluntary - Which?

#MondayBlogs #AmWriting

So I have a long awaited release day this week. BITNG KNUCKLES! And I'm honestly DISCOMBOBULATED.

Yes I love that word. One minute I'm uber excited. The next I'm wracked with writer's angsty paranoia. What if nobody buys? What if bad reviews flood in like tiny scary babies from a radioactive spider? Can you tell how terrified I am yet? Happy but hyper?

That's the thing about putting all you hard work into something that's out there to be either bought, loved, avoided, hated or worse still - loathed and picked apart at the seams.

But there's also the wonderful things about the writing craft. And it is a craft. With the dropped stitches and holes in the sock to match. Things like having characters come alive in your head that you love and can let live and breathe inside you. Having other people tune into that, how awesome. Meeting other great writers you adore too and feeling the love.
The good days at the keys. The bad period where it just won't come. All of it. Just all of it.

Being a writer may be all about the kindle charts, the product and living up to the last book with your next and feeling the fear. The heartbreak when you get a toe-clunking review. But it's all the above and more.

Writing is what makes my life tick. And if release day is a triumph or a damp squib it won't take away the joy that it brings in all its moments. I'm giving it my best show. So... is that how it is for you too? I'll hold off playing any trumpet yet...


Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Fab Review!

Slap my thigh and call me Marmaduke I got a fabulously thrilling review for Scoring With Sir...

Here's the proof...
Thanks muchly to the lovely Danielle at Romancing The Book.

And here's the link...

Excuse me while I run around the house like a crazed cat doing a turbo midnight mad fit.
Unleash the excitement jets now!!!!!! VROOOOM!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Plot Twists And Sneaky Characters

Is it just me or do plot twists sneak up on you like dirty black ops muggers hiding in a skip?

I have this strange idea that 'proper authors' know what they're going to do. At least before it jumps out and gives them the hoo-has. In my fantasy author-scape they set out on the writing journey thinking - a-ha, I have a sneaky twist they won't see coming and it'll smash them!

Not so for me. I'll be jogging along on my happy writing way when I'm wrestled to the ground by a big thumping ugly plot twist that not only knocks me for sixty five gazillion hundred thousand. BUT it actually takes me more days to recover from this mad, surprise occurrence than it does to write the darn scene.

I don't set out to write plot twists. They happen. Often  upsetting me rather a lot.

Which brings me to my second gripe of the week. Characters who hold out and hide the story on purpose. Yes. They deserve time behind bars and months without chocolate. It's not part of the deal. But I do seem to end up having at least one or two characters who make me wait...and wait...and angst...and overthink. And then just like the dirty fat skunky PLOT TWIST from hell they are sharing company with, the good for nuthin' character suddenly winks an eye and says - ah you see, what you failed to pick up on was my past jigsaw piece you missed.

So is this just me? Dysfunctional?

Am I slow? Deranged? Deluded?

Or do my books just hammer into smithereens every ounce of good sense I have left by making me work and surprising the socks off me in equal measure.

Views and shared experiences welcome. Pesky plot twists (grumble grumble..)


Monday, February 29, 2016

You know it, you really, really know it when...

You know you're a (mad) writer when...

  1. You make it your mission to find a spelling mistake in menu boards
  2. One rogue typo can utterly spoil an otherwise stellar facebook joke meme
  3. You get up at all hours of the night to write notes because if you don't you'll forget the brilliant idea that will elude you foreverafteramen
  4. Your friends think you live in a fantasy world and affectionately eye roll behind your back but still indulge your book speak (these friends are the good ones by the way). The other ones avoid you and cross the street to evade it
  5. You can't have too many pens or notebooks. Ever. Simple fact. It may even involve building extra space to house them
  6. You develop obsessions about emdashes, endashes and rogue tabs
  7. You get emotional when you find a new amazing blow you away writer because it matters THAT much
  8. Your family do the 'she's writing face' - it's the same face I pulled about Mum 'playing and or polishing her PIANO'
  9. You get 'writing' fixations (crushes, movie addictions, must have author stampedes at new book releases...the list goes on)
  10. You start blogging about being a mad writer and the extent of your obsession!