Sunday, July 02, 2006

Confession Time

It's time to fess up about the mystery behind my new blog. I feel the need to spill.

I suddenly needed a change of attitude because this week I got a rejection that shook me. I know I'm supposed to harden myself to rejection but I guess I had a lot of hope in what I'd sent off and hadn't anticipated a knock back at this stage.
It hurt. Coupled with my other 'good rejection' from weeks ago it had me spinning out.
Not because I think I'm brilliant, flawless and the best thing next to old fashioned chutney
with best Scottish cheese. It hurt simply because I'd put a lot of my heart into that book.

But what's the point in shedding tears over a manuscript that was probably in the wrong direction anyhow?

So here's a new attitude and a new name and blog.
I'm bouncing back. I'm here. I may have suffered casualties but I'm going to toughen up and knuckle down to what the editor says I'm good at instead of shoving ahead into other dead end directions.

Focus counts. So does fortitude and feistiness. Lead on! I'm coming through.

There endeth the first lesson.

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