Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Got My RNA Report

Well it came today. The awaited pro crit of Dirty Doctor (which I was naturally dreading after getting a form r a few days ago on the partial!) But it's good news.

  • It just missed getting a second read because of a couple of minor issues
  • It's 'very close' to publication standard (yeh - cool!)
  • The story was compulsive reading and the characters went down a treat
  • Apparently my scene construction is very well done (huzzah!)
  • Motivations and emotional side weren't a problem at all and character vulnerabilities worked well
  • Only real problem issue - language and style have to be more transparent in Meds and maybe my voice isn't quite Meds...

But then I'm kinda beginning to think that myself

The great news is in spite of the R - the reader thinks I'm almost there. WOAH!

The river may be wide and filled with snapping crocs but my rowing technique gets slicker every try! (I made that up myself - okay I'll get my coat and shut up already!!!)

Finally - just want to put in a HUGE HUG of mega thanks to my darling CP who helped me out so much with the Meds Manuscript. It may not be a flyer but it's helped me learn so much it's been mega! Cheers bub - you're a gem!


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