Monday, July 17, 2006

In Full Voice

Ever read someone else's writing and thought - my oh my oh my. Why am I bothering?

That happened to me this weekend. A lovely person I rather admire sent me her work and I was humbled nay gobsmacked nay panting for more. Needless to say I'll be pre0rdering when published *unless of course she lets me read the odd stray one beforehand* She's great and going to get there very soon if not imminently.

But the good news is - an abundance of talent is a great thing. Cos we can all learn from it. And this writer gives me great hope that being abundant in your own voice, using your own style unashamedly has to be good. Don't tweak it and prune it back - celebrate and let it flow. It's what makes your writing special and even if it needs trimming at final proof - be true and creative and don't hold back. These are good rules to follow.

Deep point of view rocks.
I'm living by that right now as I rewrite my very first ms (first titled Pitching In). And now with the working title Kilted Callum. Stay tuned. But I truly think it's getting better - thanks to being in full voice.


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