Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mcleod's Daughters and Second Sub

Hurrah. Today I made the bold move of finally (after much prevaricating) printing off Here Comes Heaven as a partial for a new pubber who might just like it... I know I took an age to do it (sorry Saskia) but I've finally completed the task.

It's sitting on the dining room table so I can go post the sucker tomorrow. Yeeha.

Hurrah Two. Mcleod's Daughters (most fantabulous Aussie TV show ever) is back on. Life is again sweet. I love this show! And I get a touch obsessive about it when it's on. It packs emotional punch and I love the Drover's Run homestead setting. Anyway without further ado...and because these two could easily swap for the heroine and hero in Here Comes Heaven...here's Dave and Kate from the show...and a squidgy fabby droolable pic of the boys from MD. Enjoy! Cute aren't they?

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