Monday, August 14, 2006

Cameron Angelo

Well - now you've seen Fergal. Nice isn't he? Though I have to confess he did start out life as Gerry Butler but he's changed a bit. Now on to the current WIP Sipping Bliss. This hero has gone through quite a bit of change (poor soul) cos he was in my very very first manuscript. One that's been rattled around a lot right from the very basic bones of the 120,000 (yes I did write 120,000 - misguided moi) that the very first version totalled. Anyway Sipping Bliss has been through changes (a major edit for MnB after professional editor advice; then after MnB rejected it after requesting a full manuscript, I rejigged it again for a contest; it got good scores but didn't final and I was advised to send it to other romance contests in future which I've now done).

Anyway it's now undergoing another transformation and the hero - recently called Callum - has just changed names again to Cameron and that is fitting him much better. As is the photo of the hero here. Michael Vartan a.k.a Cameron Angelo. Don't ask about the Angelo - blame it on his mother. And you'll just have to read the book for the ins and outs about that.


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