Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Had a major lightbulb THUNK moment today.
My Sipping Bliss mss is finished - except there's something about the ending that needs more oomph and I've been pondering what exactly it is...
Then today I get the lightening bolt.
Foreshadowing the black moment....
And suddenly it all becomes a breeze.
So that's a new tip I've learned. How to give your emotional conflict the most possible resonance for its buck...foreshadow...gently but appropriately and make the reader feel the emotion, the moment, the conflict - what's at stake.
Wow - I feel like a real writer. And it feels good.
I'm now really excited about going away and transforming the scenes I have in mind with the foreshadowing emphasis - it's churning inside me all ready to spill forth. Maybe tomorrow...
I'm so hoping they like Sipping Bliss. I finally feel like it's coming together - but there's the always risk they just won't like your story isn't there?
P.S. Mega big congratulations to my lovely very own NZ CP - who has achieved the mega status of a revisions request. Wowza! Now go to it girlie.

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