Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's My Character Basics for Writing A Book With Trish Wylie

Okay - here's the deal. I'm still intending to do Trish Wylie's Write A Book With Trish workshop - see below for link - highly recommended. Why not come and join in the fun???

My heroine is Kelly Love 28 Glasgow city girl and confirmed single girl. She runs an online dating club. I'm loving the pic of Kelly (played by Jenni Falconer) above - because it's so sassy and that dress will just have to feature at some point in the book (my oh my!) It's OUT THERE.

My Hero Joe MacKenny is a 30 year old Malt Whisky Masterclass Tutor. I LOVE the above pics of Dougray Scott as Joe - especially the near kiss moment with Kate Winslett. I mean talk about drooool! Just look at it! I also love the dancing pic. Makes me want to write a dance scene in just for the thrills.

So this is how the tiny creative nugget of Sweet Harmony is coming along so far. Two character sheets. Oooh how exciting.

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