Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kids and Kettles

Today my wee treacle bun daughter, grandma and me all trooped along to see The Singing Kettle - a much loved by kiddies magical song and fun show!!

Darling treacle bun unfortunately got totally FREAKY DEAKIED out by the loud music and blackout lights at the start and promptly hid behind the balcony barrier sobbing and looking v distressed. But worry not...luckily a small boy from our village, whom treacle has hero-worshipped for the last year was just a few seats along...happily this coincidence saved the day. Within five minutes of standing beside her idol all was well and she was clapping with great gusto to all the songs from Music Man to One Potato Two Potato.

It's nice when things turn out okay isn't it? Only up-shot of the whole debacle was - teacle toes is now obsessed/awe struck/kettle fixated/watching the DVD all day long and doing the actions at every opportunity possible. She even kissed her small miniature momentoe kettle five times before bed. Talk about a turnaround. Oh to be a small person again. :)

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