Thursday, October 26, 2006 the work begins...

After Nat's amazing two rounds of revisions with M&B for her book (now spectacularly titled All Night With The Boss - hoho!) I'm getting deja vu.

Because Daredevil Doctor has been read by the lovely US pubber editor I sent it to. And she likes it - she even stayed up til 1am to read it (ahh lovely lady). She can't offer me a contract yet...(gasp) because she wants some more revisions...

Some more internal conflict layers and more internal conflict motivators to the ending. There will also be some work to get rid of colloquialisms (gash my Scottish roots!)

But all in all it's good news. I'm very pleased to have an ed excited about my book and wanting to see Daredevil Doctor in print. So Woo Hoo! But let's just hope I can deliver now! Must go mull it all over. jx
P.S. Here's Nathan - aka Max - the daredevil doc.

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