Sunday, October 15, 2006

Suddenly Action...

Well after rather a long time in life lately when not a lot seemed to be happening...right now it's action-a-go-go.

My CP had twins, then some terrific writing news that I'll blog about sometime when it's on general release. I have great personal news brewing that's keeping me occupied and interfering with daily life in a good but very tangible way. And then yesterday four days after a 'what the heck' submission query to a US publisher I get another mini move of positive news...a request for a full manuscript. Excited - you bet.

I'm crossing my digits and hoping they like it as much as they liked the partial. Watch this space and I'll tell you the outcome. But for now I'm happy that there's action in my writing life again.

To celebrate here's a pic of a rather nice chap, the hero of the book that's under consideration - Nathan Fillian. NICE!

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