Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back...but only just!

See my wordcount ticker. It's moving again - hurrah! Cue mexican wave for one!
Only a thousand words but it's progress. And after reading my wee novella through I love this it's time to get back to it and produce!

And tonight I aim to scribble some more in the notebook just to prove that the pic of surfman and his dog worked. I'm coming up to a scene I'm looking forward to - sparring on the beach at sunset!!

37 per cent is good going. I'm holding on to that and that my lovely CP Nat (New Zealand's new MillsnBoon Mod X supmremo girl gave me a good kick up the writing butt today and urged me onwards!) I've even emailed the US Editor gone AWOL in a polite friendly way to check she got my revisions of several weeks past. Amazing what you can do when your nose is no longer scarlet and fugged up.

I'm out for progress. And my dreary dumps are behind me. I'm back. Now watch my dust!


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