Friday, November 03, 2006

Hanging On!

I'm just about hanging on to sanity right now.

This picture shows how I feel.

Here's my reasons:
Haven't heard from US editor who's looking at my revisions - angst, angst, angst! Mental head pixie screams - 'she hates 'em'. Go hide in bunker so crows can't get at me!
I am full of a dire head cold - so is dear daughter, poor lamb. Both of us just need hot drinks and cuddles! With Mrs Doubtfire/Nanny McPhee on hand to deliver TLC.
I had a meeting with little one's school yesterday - and whilst very productive about my wee one's future development and the many issues this raises - I came away with a truckload of jobs all to be done imminently! Sheesh! I think they have sussed I'm rather good at writing scathing/sort it out letters so are giving me all the jobs!
I'm waiting for two very important pieces of mail (of the very very urgent variety) and neither show signs of appearing.

Hey ho - just keep hanging on in there! Jx

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