Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hunky Men With Babies... honour of my newly outed as pregnant's my new mission. To post as many pics of hunky men with babies as I can find. I it hormones. But I have to take my pleasures simply at the moment.

Yesterday was worst day of morning sickness EVER!

Enjoy the pic. Watch this space for another one coming soooooon.



Nicola Marsh said...

congrats on your amazing news.
I'm thrilled for you!!!!!!!

And boy, do I hear you on the morning sickness. I'm 15 weeks plus and still have it bad! Can't keep much down at all.
But after going through the mill for this baby too, I think of that little precious bub every time I have my head over the loo!!!

Hang in there, it has to get better, right? :)


Judy Jarvie said...


Hoping it eases for you soon!

Yep snap - I do that too. Thinking - it's all for the greater good!

Hang in there. jx