Wednesday, November 15, 2006


  • I'VE NEWS!

    Okay. Here it is. I’ve been waiting for this day for a whiley now…and it’s finally come. My news is…(nope I haven’t sold a book – still waiting for news on that one). I’M PREGNANT! And today I had my 12 week scan.

    Yep, I know, I can still hardly believe it and I have to keep pinching myself. My conception was through IVF in September (through those wonderful amazing people at Dundee ACU). It was our very first try at the procedure and the baby's due date is 30 May 2007.

    My road to pregnancy has been a long one with oodles of obstacles and bramble bushes to weather along the way. But we’re here – and we never thought we’d make it:

    We first tried for a baby seven years ago – there were never any successful conceptions. We read loads of fertility books and were pretty philosophical believing it would just take time and patience…after the years passed we started to realise it may not actually happen at all.

    We went through infertility investigations after year two of nothing – no reason was found, unexplained infertility was given as the answer. We decided not to go for IVF at this point because we were shattered with it all.

    In the middle of all this harrowing investigative stuff lots of bad things happened – I lost my Grandma, my Aunt, my Great Aunt and my husband lost his father unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. The following year our wee boy puss cat died day after Boxing Day of a ‘cat stroke’ which felt like the final devastating blow in a long line of ‘bad stuff’. I took it all really badly. This was truly a wilderness part of my life when we honestly thought nothing we were doing could possibly go right – negative cycle city!

    Through it all my writing kept me sane. Great therapy – and that’s why I’ll never give up! SO there.

    We actually came to terms with the fact we might never have a child naturally after four years – we started the long process of adoption preparation groups and went on to adopt a daughter. She finally came to stay with us at age two – life would never be the same (in a good way). She’s been our little piece of salvation!

    Our daughter has been with us over two years and we decided to opt for a last ‘what if’ try at private IVF. I’d always felt too emotionally spent to try this procedure and so had shied away initially. At the time this was the right decision for us but after adopting and getting through its own trials and ‘legal minefield’ we felt a lot stronger and wanted to try so that we could finally put it all behind us. Move on, close the chapter of baby trying for good.

    When we embarked on IVF we truly didn’t expect it to work. I was told I had a diminished chance of success because I have a condition they found called fibroids. We shrugged and were disappointed but had gotten halfway through so decided to just go for it. We were told as well as a diminished chance of success (one in ten, compared to one couple in four) if we wanted another attempt I’d have to have surgery which could further impair my fertility! But luckily – it worked first time (I know – pinch me now! Still can hardly believe it’s true.)

    I’m still on cloud nine, so is hubby because we never thought this could happen after all this time. We can’t wait to welcome another unforeseen addition into our family – and are delighted our dream’s come true.

    But through it all I’ll never forget the journey and the lessons I’ve learned, the great people I’ve met whose lives have been impacted by infertility, adoption – it’s been a long journey but a life changing one.

    I’ll never take this baby lightly. It’s truly precious.

    Fingers crossed from now on that it all goes okay.

    Jude – skipping with delight.
    P.S. Miracles do happen!!! They really do, even when you’ve given up hope like we had! It just takes faith to try and move forward when you’re ready.
P.P.S. Baby's nickname has bizarrely become jellybean (cos that's what he/she looked like when just a wee bub).


JENNA said...

Congrats on jellybean! Have you told your daughter yet?

Judy Jarvie said...

Hi Jenna - thanks for dropping by.

We mentioned it on the day of the scan and showed her the pics...she looked a bit confused and then said 'baby in mummy's tummy makes mummy sick!' In the most literal sense.

Sometimes I underestimate how astute she is!

Your books is due to land in my mail box imminently - can't wait - hurry up post man!!!!


Julie said...

Congratulations, Judy! That is such wonderful news for you, your husband, and your daughter. I hope you're feeling better soon...the second trimester really is wonderful once the sickness is gone and you can enjoy this miracle fully.

Meanwhile, I found that the trashiest daytime TV possible worked wonders. If you're not in...tape it. ;-)