Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Kisses

Call me a twitchy flibbertigibbet (not too easy to say without a good set of horse teeth in) but lately I've been flitting around with the writing and stopping mid stream because of pregnancy lethargy and finding life all a bit overwhelming.


I just started writing a book...I think it could be good. If it keeps its act together behaves like a good little project and lets me occasionally squeeze it and tuck it under the chin it might just last the course. JOY. And best of all - it starts with a Christmas Theme. I've frequently yearned for a Festive Japery book. Imagine my delight that it's here and it's fun and not too yukky around the edges!

Call it the work of the Christmas pixies. But for the first time in months I'm having a really good time. Jx Go on - pull a Christmas cracker for me!

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