Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fantastic Flutter!

I'm smiling lots today because a good writing buddy came good yday and sold to DESIRE!!!! Fabtastic eh?

I'm so so so so so so pleased for her as she's been waiting a good two years for this call and she really deserves it. She's also rather marvellous. Lots of good writing things have happened this year...first Nat, now Robbie...sigh maybe soon...there's always hope!

Another great thing is an old writing buddy and RNA Member Pip a.k.a. Phillipa Ashley got in touch via this blog and it was REALLY great to hear from her. If you haven't already checked out her wonderful first release DECENT EXPOSURE do so - very soon - for your own writing good. She's great - and I for just one am looking forward to the next one in 2007! Bring it on Pip!

On a down note the US pubber who's interested in Scot Doc unfortunately hasn't been in touch in a good six weeks. I sent in my revisions in answer to their suggestions and silence. I sent a polite enquiry email checking it hadn't gone astray either...have checked the email addresses a zillion times and still nada. AAAARGH!

My DH tells me I should just wait and not hassle them but it's still hard. Fortunately I've Christmas madness and jellybean in my tummy (who is getting bigger all the time - now got a visible bumb and I look FAT! Is it just me and my fat obsession that makes me unable to see a baby bump in my figure and instead just detect a visible mince pie fetish in pot belly form?) to take my mind off it all. Fingers crossed that maybe the handsome Scots doctor has not died a death and Scot Doc might live another day!

PS Here's another gorgeous 'droolsome dad and baby' pic. THIS ONE HAS TO BE FAVOURITE - go on say AAAAAH! This one is in honour of Julie Cohen who is due her new bouncing arrival very very very very soon (and sobbing loads currently!)
PPS Can I just state on record - if I ever get pubbed by Mills and Boon, my biggest mightiest cool dream, then I categorically want this pic of hunky man and babe as my cover! It rocks!
PPPS Scrub that - I just want the man to keep in a tissue paper lined box!


Phillipa said...

Jude - (()) on not hearing yet on your sub and thank you for telling me about Flutter. I just emailed her and hoped she had a blog. Gradually, over the past 18 months, I've seen my Harlequin and other writing friends sell one by one. Keep at it and it will happen soon.

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Pip!
You're a gem! Sometimes it feels like it won't but Robert The Bruce is my local hero and his persistence might just keep me going. jx