Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Final Countdown

Yesterday was a very productive writing day on my journey towards doing the final rejig on SB. Today I'm aiming to finish it so that tomorrow I can do the BDPO (big darn print out) on Father's trusty printer which doesn't guzzle juice like mine! So that's the plan.

And my kindly...learned...sassy...and very wise CP Natalie (hey she's out with MnB as Natalie Anderson in May 2007 to watch out world!) is going to try to run her expert eye over it. Then next week it'll be all systems go to mail it out.

As I said - that's the plan. Now gotta go do it.

Oh and today (and yesterday) I am mostly listening to Take That - Patience. Guess who got a TT album from DH for Xmas?

P.S. The baby is getting bigger. He/she is keeping me awake - and has a particular fondness for partying from four a.m. They don't tell you this in the pregnancy books!

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