Friday, December 08, 2006

Sleigh Bells Ring...Are You Bothered?

Today I bought an Xmas compilation CD. A boring fact but a necessity none the less. For years I used to enjoy nay look forward with great anticipation to listening to a bit of Bing, some Holly & The Ivy, a bit of Doris and a blast of Mike Oldfield and Greg Lake for good measure.

It should be said that my mother likes nothing better than a good roll around the carpet in festive celebration to Nat King Cole's chestnut's roasting. Mrs.

However my Xmas music joy has been hampered for several years now. A dear relative who will remain nameless to protect his blushes 'nicked/pilfered' my hallowed Xmas CD! The audacity! The sheer bloomin' cheek!

Result. Mince pies haven't tasted the same fact the whole festive prep stuff of wrapping pressies (snore) and trimming the tree (just about bearable if I'm patient) weren't remotely acceptable without my prized music to ease the pain. stop further rambling - today normality is restored. I've replenished my supply of Slade, Greg Lake and Jona Lewie! Joy to the world and peace to all men! My baubles feel sparkly once more. Deck the halls with trite Xmas tunes.


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