Saturday, December 30, 2006


It's finished.

No not 2006. Well that's nearly gone...I'm talking my manuscript - the one that needs to go out the door next week. Sipping Bliss is done. Thank you lovely CP Nat for your invaluable help:)

So I've finished it. Just got a final read-through and I'm there - it can go. I'm very pleased.

I love the hero, I dig the heroine. I've done as best as I can. So what will be will be.

Happy New Year to all readers. It's been a rollercoaster ride in 2006 - I have a feeling 2007 is going to be fantastic for you all! Now go enjoy and follow your dreams.


Here's some pics - inspiration came from these two for this book. Minnie Driver and Michael Vartan - an odd couple? I don't think so - in fact to me they were PERFECT!


subarnarekha bihari said...

wow! you are a romance writer? that's so cool! my mom has been reading romances since i was a baby watching soap operas with my babysitter. she's a very *serious* doctor, but romances are her secret pleasure. i will have to get some of yours for her b/c she has already read everything in her little town's library.

and i think minnie driver+michael vartan is a divine combination.


Phillipa said...

Happy New Year Jude - what an end to 2006 for you. Hope 2007 is even better. P x