Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Boom ba da Boom!

Firstly - apologies that I seem to be perpetually obsessed with the state of being with baby. I'll try to make sure I make equal amounts of posts about writing and other lifely miscellania - however for now back to the babynews!

Went to the surgery for an antenatal check today. MAN MY BABY'S HEART IS LOUD!

  • We deafened two doctors in adjoining consultancy rooms!

  • Someone thought my belly had turned into a boom box...even the midwife said 'My that little one has a strong ticker!'

  • I have a suspicion that when it grows up it may either want to be a drummer in a band or a pneumatic drill operative!

We're nicknaming the child BRAVEHEART now. He or she is certainly that.

P.S. On the writing front - see, there is a writing point to this post - on Thursday BBC Radio Scotland starts it's own - write your own romance novel in a month initiative Write Here, Right Now. I figured since I've been procrastinating such a lot lately - and to save me blogging about more baby stuff - I should take the opportunity to join in and commit to 1000 words a day for Feb. I'm planning to finally nail a semi finished MnB Modern Extra Sensual I already have on the 'puter. Anyone care to join me?? Go on you know you want to... Make February fun... put some bichok in your valentines! More info here...


Jessica Raymond said...

Yay on the heartbeat! I got to hear Flump's at 16 weeks and it took them ages to find it. It was right at the bottom and sounded like Rolf Harris's wobble-board.

Jess x

P.S. We're off to Babies'R'Us tomorrow! I'm getting my wedge pillow and we're going to "browse" the sale :)

Natalie Anderson said...

I have a new password so i cam comment finally!
babys heartbeats r the coolest things - like a fast hoofbeat eh.
roll on the day s/he finally appears :)