Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boy or Girl?!?

Yesterday was a special day. My birthday - check! But it was also my much awaited 19 week antenatal baby scan! A doubly special day.

The great news is the baby is doing great and developing well...erm understatement! We just stared at the screen watching it, hardly able to comprehend how much it's grown, the detail that can be seen now - the great big long legs. We just kept saying "This is mad!" especially when the sonographer zoomed right in to the four tiny heart chambers - only word was WOW!

So jellybean's halfway through. Only another 20 weeks to go - then we'll meet the little mite in PERSON! And I don't have to go back to hospital until nearer the time as my future antenatal checks will be done at the surgery.

And if you're wondering about gender...I'm afraid there will be another twenty week wait. We decided it should be a big surprise - and that's just as well. Jellybean was keeping it's modesty intact!!! Boy or girl??? It's a secret that the baby wants to keep to the bitter end.


Jessica Raymond said...

How exciting! I can't wait -- mine's in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping it will last longer as for the dating scan we were in and out in about two minutes! Flump's going to remain anonymous as well.

Jess x

P.S. And Happy Birthday!!

Phillipa said...

What a great day Jude. Many Happy Returnes too. P x