Friday, January 05, 2007

Jellybean and a Jaunt

Jellybean is getting active. As in very in bumping and kicking and last night it got itself into a bunch in my tum that made me say 'ouch'. It's definitely on the move now and it won't be long until it is kicking properly with a vengeance - so far tiny ones. Though I sense he/she might be a champion kicker when the time comes.

This pregnancy lark is full of thrills and spills for sure - and I'm enjoying every tiny episode.

In other news - later this month I have to work in INVERNESS. As it's my bday next week and as a trip up north could be dodgy if the weather gets tricky hubbie agreed we should stay overnight before the meeting in a hotel. The pics above are the place we've reserved - we're lined up for a four poster bed (I've never been in one before - should be fun with jellybean moving all night!) I'm looking forward to the jaunt even if it is a work related trip. Before I was a mum to a busy, bossy four year old we used to do all this all the time. Tell me - do you think I need to get out more? jx

Currently reading - Jan Jones, Stage by Stage (read it before - but had a hankering to enjoy it all over again!)

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Jessica Raymond said...

Looks nice -- hope you have a good time!

Jess x