Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Submission Blast Off

Okay I promise this year I won't be a submission whine pants. I won't moan, reminisce over or even dare to mutter about it went out of the door and to Richmond with a lick of stamps and a thump on the plump package it went in. All that's left to say is Adieu.

So instead I will occupy myself with other stuff...

Like the new WIP that's going round in my head (though preferably not at 4.30am like it was last night!!) I just don't need the hassle of writing books at 4am!

Like my current mania for rooting out cupboards - amazing what you find you forgot about and oh but how wholesome it makes you feel once tidy, spic and spruced (manic and deluding myself - moi?) Think of it as displacement therapy.

And finally the fact that dear beloved DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is again on the telly box tonight...aaaaah bliss. Time to curl up and watch the goggle box - as if I need an excuse! Mike Delfino's in a coma - what trauma! But I bet he'll still look good.


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Nell Dixon said...

My fingers are crossed for good news for you!