Saturday, February 17, 2007


I've been absent lately (apols to CP and those I haven't been in touch with - I will be soon) - there has been lots to do and no time to do it but the good news is I'm catching up...and next week is a shocker too but I'm getting there!

Good news - on Friday I was LUCKY enough to go to a fantastic WritersScotland group special meeting at the prestigious Ramsay Gardens apartment of former press aide to Her Majesty The Queen, Michael Shea.

Ramsay Gardens is - in my view - one of the most amazing frontages in Edinburgh (if not the world!) Even as a little girl the view across Princes Street Gardens and up the mound from Waverley was breath-taking - from Ramsay Gardens looking down across the vista of Edinburgh to the Forth is just as inspiring too.

So on Friday a select group - including many esteemed Scottish writers (I was priviledged to meet) - were lucky enough to get a sneaky peak inside Michael Shea's splendid apartment, take in the views, dine on a fabulous lunch and then hear Michael's tips as a writer and stories from his most amazing career. A rare treat. I certainly won't forget it and feel lucky to have gone.

So - here's Ramsay Gardens...let's just say it lives up to the fairytale dreams I've had about it for all these years.

Do you have any 'places you'd love to do' - childhood fantasy places you'd love a sneaky peek of?

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