Sunday, February 25, 2007

Does My Tum Look Big In This? Please Don't Answer That!

It can be avoided no longer. I got dh to take a pic of THE BUMP.

Lately I can't bend down - I can only squat.

I'm bumping my tummy less often but more frequently getting stuck (i.e. in the bath - erk!)

And people have been saying 'Gosh you're big' waaaaay too much for my liking.

I hate pics of myself but I figured I needed pictoral evidence of this momentous stomach achievement. Here it is. At least I can blame it on the baby and not my over-zealous approach to all things cake (for now!)

No denying it. It's out there.

Does my stomach look big in this?


Natalie Anderson said...

you look FANTASTIC! Blooming, as we say, blooming.... and you've a wee way to go yet! Better stock up on the Gaviscon...

Jessica Raymond said...

Well, it does look a *little* big in that, but there's a very good reason why!

My Bloke says something similar when I moan about my stomach and refer to myself as "Old Fatty". He responds quite dryly, "That's because you've got a Flump in there", as if I have forgotten!

How many weeks are you at the moment? When I get there I'll post me and my bump, too! :)

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Yes - you do indeed look blooming, Jude but perfectly normal too! Can you still pull your tights/socks on yet?

Judy Jarvie said...

Ladies - this is not a bump. It's Ben Nevis. But thanks for the hearty encouragements.

I'm coming up to 27 weeks this week. Scary to think there's a whole trimester to go - will I even fit through doors?

Can't wait to see your bump Jess.
P.S. Can anyone give me some low down on Braxton Hicks contractions? I've been having wierd feelings...I'm hoping this is they. I notice that the bump goes hard afterwards. Yep, I'm getting paranoia now because so far I've had no other twinges. Erk.

Jessica Raymond said...

The only twinges I've had are the stretching-ligament kind. I can't quite explain how I know they're ligaments, but... I'm pretty sure they are. My bump goes very hard in places sometimes, I think because Flump is curling up into a ball in one place before moving along again.

I'll post a pic of moi at 27 weeks, then :)

Jess x