Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Now!

Yesterday was a very bad day. I cried (call it hormones). Also call it feeling overwhelmed and very, very tired...for a week the baby bump has been waking me at three a.m. (yes, three and no rest thereafter as it jives and lindy hops around). Yesterday I'd reached can't cope anymore point.

We also woke up to find an unexpected leak in our roof (it's a new house but still there it was...water drip drip dripping down the wall) and the NHBC guarantee only starts at work totalling £700. So you'd be right to guess that this one tallies in at one hundred pounds under the threshold...grrrrrr!

So yesterday was a day of tired eyes and straining patience.

But all is okay. I have the best dh in the world (he went on a dash sprint car run - like a prince in shining armour - to return with something I sank into on his return). A big spongy preggy sausage pillow. AHHHHH! Thank you lovely hubby. You're the best.

Thank you also purveyor of baby goods starting with M for giving me the ability to smile again. It's true, I really can. No faking. Today I almost feel human! jx

P.S. Big sponge sausages work - I'm dreaming of sinking into mine again already!


Jessica Raymond said...

Aw, poor you! Sausage pillow looks like it goes a long way towards making all things better, tho :)

Jess x

Natalie Anderson said...

Its hard enuff getting thru preggy and all those hormones without having loads extra on your plate as well - and I know you do. Don't forget those revs will have taken their toll too - utterly exhaustong. Now u just need a few days to cuddle your sausage and get some sllep hope u get the opp!
- Nat

Phillipa said...

((judy)) on everything - but I see you're feeling better now.