Monday, February 19, 2007

Bat Cave Spice

I'm in the revisions cave.

I've just had to add lots of 'spice-a-rama' (by the condiment pot) as I've learned my book is the first coming out with a hotter line! Woo hoo! But daunting also.

No pressure then. Erk.

Anyway t's dark, kind of mind-boggling and scary at times in this cave. And my voice echoes around from time to time as I grunt with the pain.
But it's a necessary evil and I'm getting there.

Hopefully I'll be out soon - basking in the sunshine and blinking into the light. Wish me luck.


Jessica Raymond said...

Hope the cave has lots of comfy cushions! ;)

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Jude. Don't tell me about revisions cave.;( I thought I'd finally lost my way forever last year for a while but you will find your way, promise!

Judy Jarvie said...

Jess and Pip - Phew! Nobody warned me that revisions could suck the life out of you for days.

Thank goodness it's over. Now I need those cushions to fall back on in a stupor. My passive voice has been well and truly pummeled. j