Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Today Didi (dd with a twist) and I are stuck in the house awaiting a delivery. Boring - I hate waiting in for anything...
The delivery in question is one of the above...well not exactly (the one above isn't exactly turbo boosted mod cons). It may seem a touch early to be snaffling the baby's pram but hey...it was the model I wanted...but at significantly reduced cost...I didn't want to sniff lest I missed it!
So here we are...waiting...it may not even come today...it may be tomorrow. Sigh - better go and clean out a cupboard! jx

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Natalie Anderson said...

ooooh, how exciting! I hope it turned up for you! :)
You can practice with some of DD's dolls!
Meanwhile Gerry vs Dougray... must admit I don't actually know either of them that well but if we're going on face only, then I'm with Gerry...