Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Smoochy Time

Happy Valentines Day...tonight I'm spending the evening with a smoochy fella.

Matthew Mcconaughey. On dvd. And dh in person. On the sofa.

Yep my valentines pressie was Failure to Launch and I intend to sit on the squashiest bit of the couch and devour it with a lingering smile...along with some chocolate. Ah bliss. Well...I'm pregnant...bubbly stuff's a no-no. Wine is off limits. Curries (even my fave Saag Paneer) make me feel wierd and keep the baby up all night. So what's next on the list other than a guy with a nice chest and a sexy Texan accent?

But first I might be really indulgent and have a sweetly scented bath (who am I kidding - since baby bump has become sizeable I'm in there as soon as dh walks through the door and he's on kidlet story duty as a nightly occurance!) I know he's pretty wonderful that way. Which makes him my ideal Valentines beau through and through.

So no champagne but I'll still have Matthew and bubbles aplenty. What a treat. Enjoy your Valentines Night. I will.

P.S. Meant to say - pram arrived today. Tis residing in the garage! V pleased.

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Jessica Raymond said...

LOL: I'm the same and have to have a bath EVERY night regardless to relax me ready for sleep :)

By the way, I am so grateful to you for the wedge-pillow tip. It has made my sleep so much easier and more comfortable. Thanks! :) :)

Jess x