Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stop and Start

I've had a writing rut. Well actually since I got pregnant I've had a few. Starting projects and grinding to a halt. I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones but really I just think it's state of mind (we've a lot of things taking up time in our family at the moment - important things that have taken years to come around and involve legal stuff that's out of our hands). I think that's why the writing has come unstuck.

But great news - started the Radio Scotland Write Here, Right Now initiative last week - and though I'm slightly behind schedule (well it is nursery school holidays!) I'm firing ahead. On a project I love but has remained unfinished. Currently titled - Island Nights.

So I've started...I'm making tracks. Here's hoping it lasts. Oh and here's a taste of my current inspiration. The Greek island of SYMI (we went there once - it was fabulous!) And an ideal setting don'tcha think?


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