Friday, February 09, 2007

Yey...I caught up with myself!

My wordcount is on target - over 8000! Now if only I can keep this momentum up...I'll try and squeeze it.

Did you like the setting? We went on a boat excursion to Symi when we went to Rhodes for two weeks years ago and came back brown as berries and raving about all things Greek. Symi itself was amazing - the architecture most especially but so many other things...the landscape (v rocky so the whole place seems tiered), the harbour with huge prawns and great coffee in harbourside cafes, the sponge sellers (man everyone wants to sell you a natural sea sponge proclaiming its exfoliation benefits!) All in all - a great holiday. I'd def go back.

Am I tempting you to a trip? If not - no matter. I'm writing a story about it now!

ps. Drop by tomorrow - I plan to tell you about Fergal - my Symi cameraman hero!


Jessica Raymond said...

Looks lovely! I've never been to the Greek islands. (I just typed GEEK islands, LOL!)

Jess x

Natalie Anderson said...

I am definitely tempted. Nothing more I'd like right now than to be on some beautiful Greek island with a stunning view from my room, desk and laptopn at the window and the peace and time to write... that would be such bliss!!!

Phillipa said...

Jude- Don;t do this to me, puh-lease!. I love GB with the long hair! BTW have you seen those pics of him in the US Men's Fitness mag, really pumped up like a Greek God for a role in a historical film?