Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I'm v excited. I'm also very tired.

Tired because I've been up since three with baby-movealot-itis.
Tired also because for some inexplicable reason a NEW BOOK IDEA pounced on my brain and pummelled it for hours and hours until daylight! But hey it's a GREAT new book idea and I'm mega excited - it's also a new direction. More later...

So for now suffice to say I'm going to bed for a quick snooze to restore my faculties and a pad and pen to note down some of the lightbulb sparks from my slumbers. Gasp - it's exciting.

P.S. The baby is also getting VERY big now!


Phillipa said...

It's always great when that lightbulb happens (not that I'd know - it only happens rarely to me!). And yes, aren't babies massive! How's your lower back? :)

Natalie Anderson said...

ooooh! I'm looking forward to an email later telling me ALL!!!!

love those ideas in the wee small hours -they're always the best :)