Saturday, March 10, 2007

Going DOWN!

My word count has gone down!!! Imagine, yes - it's reversed a few hundred word steps. But after a wee enforced break I've come back to it with fresher eyes and had a good hard tight edit. Maybe my revisions crash course is paying off...helping me weed out the waffle?

This week is due to be a killer as we've important family stuff that will keep us busy.

But here's my writing my next visit to update the worm word meter I'll try to have reached 15k. Can't promise but I'll try. We shall see.

Ooh and last week I came across the most wonderful, truly inspiring hero character (who I'm keeping secret for now as he's truly divine). Unfortunately there are no photos of him to be had. He's a much lauded West End theatre director and he fits my Fergal hero character like a silken tailored suit. Shame I can't post a glimpse. But hey...I'll keep him in mind in all the new scenes. Wish me luck.

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