Friday, March 30, 2007

Porridge and Praise!

Porridge! I'm currently bathing in the stuff.
Forget Cleopatra's ass's milk dips. I'm from Scotland and porridge here is the bathing additive of choice (when it's not being used at breakfast). Actually - it's been prescribed by the midwife to relieve my intense hand and foot itching. My liver function is still too high so I'm getting more regular blood tests and nightly porridge torture! LOL
In truth porridge baths are really rather nice, skin softening and bizarrely nicely scented - take a sock, add two spoonfuls of porridge oats, swish in running bathwater and squeeze a few times - eh voila! A bathing substance fit for a queen. Or an itchy person.
And know what else - the baby loves it! Scottish baby through and through! Next it'll be kicking a steady beat to The Proclaimers. gg
P.S. Check out this link to the RNA Website - they've released a list of writers up for the Joan Hessayon Award shortlist. I'm on it with Taking The Leap (hurrah!) Congratulations also to fellow Moonlit author and lady with a baby bump, Jessica Raymond, Phillipa Ashley (yey Pip), Liz Beacon (whom I chummed with and bored silly all weekend at an RNA conference two years ago!!) and Anna Scamans (whose blog I've lurked on for way too long!). Woo hoo.


Jessica Raymond said...

Ooh yay, we're up! Now I can announce it officially!

Porridge bath sounds... interesting! Ponds Cold Cream works well too, especially when you keep it in the fridge: really cool and soothing.

Jess x

Lis said...

I had to have the porridge baths when I had the chicken pox, they definitely helped take away the itch.

Congrats on your nomination!! :o)

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Jess and Lis!

Hhhm the novelty of porridge bathing is starting to wane. jx

Pip said...

Hi - I jumped the gun with this ages ago and am now blushing. I really wish you and Jess could be at the party. WHY oh why did you both have to go and get 8 months pregnant? P xxx

Judy Jarvie said...

Oh Pip! I wish I/Jess were going too (though I think Jess plans to try her very hardest!)

This of course means you have to squaffle champers for both of us and have a riotous time in our absence. Enjoy every moment of it - you so deserve. And I'll be with you in spirit. jx