Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rock On!

Firstly may I just say a huge and hearty THANKS to those bloggers who participated in the eighties nostalgia musings with me. Great fun and brought back all those teenage kicks.

Such classics...Down Under (memories of Backpackers in Kings Cross spring readily to mind). Gasp Nell - Dexy's is a totally cool claim to fame. I'm v impressed.

Thanks to Jess, Nell, Laura and Lis (thanks for dropping by Laura and Lis) for your own 'magic 80s moments' - and thanks also for ticking me off right and proper. Jesse's Girl had slipped from my mental list. How indeed could I forget Rick Springfield or Madonna? And Ultravox! Doh!

It made me realise I'd blocked out a huge 'soft rock' chunk of my own teens - what about Bryan Adams?? OK I accept he's not that 'quirky/typically bad hairstyle' an 80s icon but I did meet him once and gave him an Easter Egg with his name in icing (hmmm - adolescent crushes are so dodgy). He was also the most gentlemanly guy I've ever met (MnB hero material most def). Yep I did have a fixation for a time because I loved Run To You. And on the topic of the great Madonna - Open Your Heart is a personal fave. But enough 80s stuff. It's making me think I'm stuck in a time-warp.

I'm cracking on with the WIP again. It's time to get tough and get wordage down. So enough nonsense. Time to put those legwarmers away. jx
P.S. I sooooooo wish these were my legs!


Jessica Raymond said...

Hey, I believe those are your legs ;)

Nell will flip when she hears about you meeting B.A.!

Good luck with the WIP.

Jess x

Nell Dixon said...

I'm going to see Bryan in concert on May 9th. I am soooooo jealous that you met him. He is so sexy and a really nice guy - sigh.