Monday, April 23, 2007

Contest - Enter Now Or Regret It

This pic is especially for Pip, by request. And rather nice it is too.

I'm feeling rather smug at the interest the term 'A George Clooney souvenir' has garnered. I should probably point out that it's not a GC personal item.

It's also NOT the extremely tasteful I'M MRS GEORGE CLOONEY set of matching thongs I laughed with great mirth at on Ebay this morning (see above - and I suspect I'll definitely have to purchase those for someone's Xmas).
But back to the CONTEST prize. It is something rather special...and it goes well with the other prizes. Let's just say it's going to look rather splendid with your tea and shortbread. I know - I've got you hooked now.

If you haven't entered the contest. Do, do, do, do, do! I beseech you.


1 comment:

Phillipa said...

Ohhhh...scrubs. Thanks Jude. Have you seen the newish guy on ER at the mo?

p x