Sunday, April 22, 2007

Contest - A - Rama! it's what's up for grabs:

  • A signed copy of Taking the Leap (woohoo)
  • Superior blend Scottish Tea Bags (I know exciting isn't it) and Finest Shortbread (any self respecting Scottish Granny would die for this!)
  • A George Clooney souvenir (gorgeous and wondrous to own)
  • Some Scottish bespoke smelly products (mighty fine to the nostrils!)
  • A bad taste Scottish nick nack from the tourist office involving sheep (just because)
So here's the killer question - for heroine of Taking the Leap Anya, Dr Max Calder has a striking similarity to a certain U.S. E.R. doctor.

Contest Question - WHO IS THIS MYSTERY HUNK? (hint - he's on this blog as hunk of the month...he's also pictured below in a jacuzzi.)

Simply give me a blog comment or send me an email with Contest Answer in the title line. You could be the lucky ducky selected at random from the sand bucket of a very excited blonde haired four year old with manic tendencies.

And if you win you could be slathered in toiletries and feasting on shortbread before you know it - or vice versa depending on your personal preference.

C'mon - what're you waiting for guys?

Surely the tea-bags alone are a clincher?



Marcy said...

Hi Judy,
I get to be first to enter your contest? Yay me! Is the answer George Clooney?

My mother was born in Scotland (Glasgow), so the alure of Scottish shortbread is strong.


Phillipa said...

Jude - don't know if I'm allowed to enter but can I aska question? Can I order a print copy of the book yet? I'd really like to.

Jessica Raymond said...

Prizes sound fab to me -- am particularly intrigued by the "G. Clooney item". With that in mind, the answer is:

George Clooney

If I'm allowed to enter, that is :)

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Yeah - It's GEORGE CLOONEY! (could you have got him wearing scrubs)

P xxxx

Judy Jarvie said...

I'm rather excited to have entries - you troopers!!

Pip - Taking The Leap can be purchased via the Moonlit Romance site as Trade Paperback. Just click on the link on this blog or my web. Hope it works! And thanks for the support, much appreciated.


lindagunners said...

Thank goodness someone above has given me the answer..

Is it George Clooney?

This special Clooney item, I hope you didn't get it through stalking. The latest injunction does not expire for several days yet!


Phillipa said... it a pair of his boxers?