Saturday, April 14, 2007

Prep Time

Today was Antenatal & Parenting Class at our local hospital. Just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far (conveniently squashing about thirty pregnant 'couples' into the smallest, tightest and hottest room in the hospital). Hmmm.

The good news - I'm not the biggest pregnant woman alive. It really is true. The bad news - there's a lot more to take in about this 'having the baby lark' than I ever imagined.

So now I'm set. I've seen the equipment (don't even ask), been told about all the physio delights that are in store both before and after birth (oh goodie), seen a replica babe squashed through a fake pelvis. My dh is curling up in a ball of angst at the mere suggestion of some of the things they 'touched on' today but happily he's too scared to show it and is instead giving me a grimace style smile. The midwife warned the men that should they faint they'll be kicked under the bed out of the way (LOL).

So now I'm up to speed on labour and birth (allegedly).

Should I bolt for the exit now? Or as I suspect... is it too late to do a backwards Moonwalk to escape from it?

P.S. How cutesome is this baby?

1 comment:

Jessica Raymond said...

1. Baby is, indeed, v. cute.

2. Yup, it's too late to back out. Have come to realize this myself ;)

3. Our classes start in a couple of weeks and I'm actually scared of going!

Jess x