Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rascal Alert

So much for blogging...it's the nursery's Easter hols and daughter is running wild and free! So this will have to be brief...

Firstly - do check out the Unique Enterprises Author blog this month (see sidebar for link) as there's snippets, tasters and info on Taking The Leap in the run up to its release at the end of the month. So exciting! Here's a reminder lest I forget.


Re the techno babe scan - last week I got a money off voucher for a 3D Wellbeing Scan and since it's dh's 40th over the Easter Weekend I decided to splurge! No news on gender - we didn't go there. The whole baby surprise-a-thon's hairy enough without more to think about!

Since blog time's at a minimum - if I'm not on before it comes Happy Easter to all. And I'll leave you with this pic of gorgeous George Clooney (my new April man - see sidebar for rather awe-inspiring pic of George with a puppy). Who needs Easter Eggs with this around? (I'm kidding, choc's one of the few pleasures I have left!!)

1 comment:

Natalie Anderson said...

I just think george shld be hunk of the century and everyone els ebe damned. that is a mighty fine picture. might have to nab it for all my future heroes. just gorgeous.
yay for the scan and good for you on letting baby keep its wee secret :)
ooh and did u see kate hardy wanted u to allow anon comments cos she not on blogger...