Saturday, April 21, 2007


You can now buy Taking The Leap!
Isn't the cover just lovely?
I know - I've been billing and cooing and stroking it for some time now. Feel free to touch your screen and do the same. lol.
Taking the Leap is now available here in print or ebook format as Moonlit Romance are experiencing some technical issues right now (Sheila and Laura have been stalwarts trying their hardest to rectify things!) Rest assured normal service will be resumed soon.
The strangest thing of all is last week I had internet service provider issues for TWO days. Now the jinx of the evil IT pixie is pestering the Moonlit Eds. A word of warning - keep your head down lest it pick on you next!
Anyway - Taking the Leap's available. It's looking lovely. And if you're quick you can be one of the first to get your hot little hands on a copy. If you want to read an excerpt or find out more check out my website here.
Tomorrow I'll be posting a contest. I know...and it's going to be good.
I figure I've had enough excitement for now so I won't announce it yet. Any more and my head might explode. Truly. I'd better go and lie down.
Judy xxx


Nell Dixon said...

Gorgeous cover! It'll be even more fabulous in print. The Moonlit books are such lovely quality.

Phillipa said...

It's gorgeous, Judy. We raised a virtaul mug of tea and lemon meringue pie/bacon butty to you yesterday.