Friday, April 06, 2007

Turn baby, turn

Hurrah! My high liver function is down a bit. Don't know how this was achieved but it's all good (though I do have a hunch that the regular water and fruit juice drinking hasn't hindered the process - but hey, could be a fluke!)
The pic to the left is how I'm feeling about tummy baby. It's upside down to where it should be. It's head should be down and it's bottom should be UP! I said, UP!
And ever since I've found out, I've been plagued by annoying songs. E.g. 'Upside Down' by Diana Ross. Grrr - not good. And 'Beach Baby, Beach Baby, Gimme Your Hand' has morphed into 'Breech Baby, Breech Baby...and so on'. Hmmn V annoying.
So I'm trying to help awkward babe to turn in its own time. Crawling, watching telly over a bean-bag, shoving my behind in the air and my head on the floor for no particular reason (which daughter finds hysterical and copies whilst brushing my hair at speed). So that's what I'm up to.
Listening to Travis playing Turn occasionally and trying to mentally will a baby to listen. Let's just see what happens...consider it a new challenge. How quickly can this baby be budged? I'll keep you posted.
Writing progress - a little bit; Breech baby crawling and bottom in air exercises - three times; chocolate - regulary to ease humiliation of bottom in air exercises. Most annoying song that's on my brain - Diana Ross, Upside Down.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Hurrah on the liver behaving itself!

Hope baby turns soon for you. Flump was breech a few weeks ago, then head-down at my checkup on Thursday, but still likes somersaulting every now and then so could still change if it feels like it!

Jess x