Sunday, May 27, 2007

Babe Still In Situ

Thanks for the posts...and for manically checking back on progress but sorry guys. No movement on the baby front.

I'm resigning myself now to going past my due date which is Wednesday. And knowing the RNA is having its party and that pals will be there including Pip and Jess is rather hard! (Have a brilliant time there btw!)


But I'm all set. Bags are packed and waiting. Even my little girl keeps saying 'Baby must come soon!' She has a point. Let's just wait and see. Surely it's gotta be in the wings?

P.S. I'm so fed up of the monotony of waiting I'm changing my sidebar pic - Man for May is now Donal MacIntyre. I mean how good looking is this man????? Ansa, vury, vury.


Phillipa said...

Wish you were going to the RNA party too, Jude - will be thinking of you. I didn't know jess could make it so that's great.

Jessica Raymond said...

((Judy)) Hope things start for you soon! I'm full-term today and am perfectly ready to go now, so I'll probably turn into a right dragon if I go past my due-date (three weeks away)! In contrast to the advice on doing lots of walking and squatting to encourage the baby down, apparently it can be just as effective to snuggle up lots, have lavender baths, and think lots of "I'm ready when you are" thoughts.

And I won't actually be going to the RNA party now. I'm just too uncomfortable now and am wary of going too far from home, because sod's law says something will happen in London and I'll start to freak! Plus I have nothing sassy to wear ;)

Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...

Sorry you won't be at the party Jess...but yeyey on reaching term and the snuggling/lavender bath theory...haven't been doing much Zola Budd stuff myself (but have been slathering myself in imperial leather shower mousse and having prego woman jet washes!) I know how to live.

Pip - I am crossing everything for you for Wednesday. You're my personal hot pick! Enjoy the flowers and bubbly stuff. jx

Marcy said...

Here's hoping he/she makes an appearance on time, Judy!


Phillipa said...

See my blog. (()) to you both. I will miss you tomorrow a LOT. I did the um 'squatting' in an attempt to avoid stitches. It worked but that was probably luck! CJ was a week early too. :)

Julie Cohen said...

I will raise a glass to you Judy, and hope (for your sake) that the baby is on time!