Monday, May 07, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner and runner up of my first ever contest!

Contest Winner - Juliemt (yey!)
Runner up - Marcy (yey again!)
Bravo to you both!

If Julie and Marcy could whizz me an email with your addresses - see the link on this blog to my web and click on contact - I'll get your prizes in the post pronto! Julie wins the gaggle of prizes already pictured and Marcy wins some Edinburgh tea, shortbread and a 'must have' George Clooney mug coaster! I know - too thrilling.

Thanks to all those who entered! You're bricks, truly.

In the meantime I'm suffering from last stretch of pregnancy lethargy. Three weeks to go and I'm huge, slow, and wanting this baby to come out soon. The labour bag is packed and staring at me ominously and basically this bouncing kicking babe is ripe and ready to spring into the world. If my posts ease up for a while it's probably because I'm sleeping...stuck in a chair...finding moving around a bit tricky...or repacking the labour bag again. jx

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Jessica Raymond said...

...Or actually *having* the baby! I'm at 34 weeks now, a little behind you, and am starting to feel very much the same. Backache, hipache, stomach the size of a 10p piece so I can't eat a proper meal any more... Sigh. This too shall pass!!

Jess x