Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hurrah For Pip!

Just found out that the winner of the Joan Hessayon Award announced at last night's RNA Summer Party was (drum roll) Phillipa Ashley for her scrummy read Decent Exposure. Congrats PIP and very well deserved! I'm feeling particularly chuffed as I'd mooted her to win, hey just call me psychic. Last night I stayed home and watched the soap awards and just PRETENDED I was at the RNA party (note to self - get a life).

Can't wait to hear more about last night from those who were there (just call me NEEDY).

In other news - baby is still very comfy and no signs of any movement yet. This afternoon I'm off to see the consultant and be prodded. He's a very nice consultant and ripe for a Mills and Boon Medical.

Guess I'll also find out when induction might be likely (erk, gulp...yeah less said about that the better eh!)



Jessica Raymond said...

Just heard the news myself -- yay for Pip!! A deserving winner :)

I can't wait to hear the goss and see pics of last night either.

Is Bertha engaged yet? Flump wasn't last time the doctor looked :(

Have you been doing curries and raspberry tea? I'm already on the tea and we're starting with a gentle korma tonight.

Jess x

Julie Cohen said...

Unfortunately none of that works. I had curry, raspberry tea, strenuous walks, an entire pineapple at a sitting, energetic sex, everything. But it does make you feel better to try.

What does seem to work is the fear of induction. I went into labour five hours before I was due to be induced.

It was a great party, but you were missed, Judy. Jenny Haddon said some very nice things about your book (hopefully she'll post them somewhere you can read them) and we raised a glass to you.

Phillipa said...

Why don't my posts work? Julie - you SAT on a whole pineapple just to induce labour? :)

Phillipa said...

A ha - Like Julie, I tried to post earlier that some great thinsg were said about your book - but it didn't work! i think they might try and post them on ROMNA. P x

Phillipa said...

I mean the posts didn't work, not that your book didn't - oh dammit, I'm still hungover!

Judy Jarvie said...

LOL at Julie sitting on her pineapple (wince!) Thanks for the wishes you lovely people.

Hurray - Pip's hungover and with good cause! You can't win an award and not have one. Glad you had a superb night.

Jess - I'm thinking of taking up your curry cue...something particularly spicy and palate explosive. With extra chillies.

I'm booked for a membrane sweep on Weds (howl, yowl) and if nothing more occurs it'll be induction end of next week.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Did you hear that Bertha/Fitzwilliam? I said INDUCTION. Now move yourself!


Judy Jarvie said...

I'm still laughing at Jess sedately eating her gentle Korma, enjoy.

Jessica Raymond said...

I'm still laughing at pregnant Julie sitting on a pineapple...

Unfortunately I don't like pineapple, so the closest I'll get to eating it would be an Innocent smoothie with some in it. Our tiger-prawn curry was lovely but did nothing (not that I really expected it to). We're slowly going up the scale and the next spice-fest will be a chilli con carne at the weekend.

Hopefully Julie's fear-of-induction kick will work for you, Judy, and you won't have to have any intervention. I'm not a hippy, honest, but the more pregnancy stuff I've read the less keen I've been on medical interference! Sending major labour vibes your way. Just pick up a mirror and bounce them back to me when you're done!

Jess x