Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's My Due Date And I'll Cry If I Want To

Sorry to be a pessimist but the stats say it all...

95% of babies don't arrive on their due date. And the vast majority are late.

Here's the reasons why I may sound blue on my due date -
HEARTBURN (ouch, owww, owww)
I'm missing the RNA party and would dearly love to go (enjoy it all who are there!)
I'm just trying to be realistic about the stats in Mother & Baby mag (it's probably not gonna happen to order right?)
I've been up since five with daughter who won't sleep
My mum is ill/dizzy/gone home/can't take anymore!!
Car broke down, had to get AA and it's just had a new battery (daughter fiddled with tiny roof light without my knowledge just because she's a minx!)

Things can only get better.

jx - thanks to all who've cheered me/tried to help me out of the black hole that is Week 40!


Julie Cohen said...

Just wait until week 42....cackles evilly

Seriously, I hope it happens soon, I know the frustration.

Come, baby, come!!!!

Natalie Anderson said...

Julie you are MEAN!!!!!
Hope you're hanging in there Jude.... order hubby to take the day off. Insist upon it!
Then have lots of spicy curry. Or give him a bj (did I really just write that?). Or get him to do the nipple twiddling thing - maybe go for the first option....


Jessica Raymond said...

Aw, Judy... I expect I'll be just like this in a couple of weeks and by then you'll have your baby and can smile wryly while I moan. Does that help? :)

One of my books said that watching films where women have babies (Nine Months, Look Who's Talking, etc) can bring on labour. Don't know if that's true.

And maybe delete the baby progress meter that is joyfully announcing the bub's arrival!

Jess x

Natalie Anderson said...

p.s. I also think you should stop for a moment and CONGRATULATE yourself for getting to this point. It is not easy - and harder for some than others as you know... carrying a baby to full term is a fabulous achievement. Now you just gotta get it out - and you have professionals on hand to help! :)

Phillipa said...

((Jude)) Hope the baby arrives during the party - will raise a glass to you and Jess.

Why not pass the time by thinking of literary names for the baby?



Scarlett (quite a nice one!)


Judy Jarvie said...

Julie - I have a feeling 42 could just happen (how did you survive it?) Seriously though, you guys are right, I'm on the last lap now so must keep POSITIVE. Just had a sleep which has helped my frame of mind no end.

To Jess and Pip - I'm rooting for you for the award tonight. Feels great to be in such esteemed company.

Pip - How did you guess Bertha's a contender?! I've been laughing since I read it (have to say it's got to be Pumblechook or Grizelda).

P.S. Nat - I can't believe you said that! Go mouthwash.

Jessica Raymond said...

((Judy)) Glad the sleep helped you feel better. Another day gone and another day closer! Can't wait for "Bertha" to make her entrance... snigger...

Jess x

Julie Cohen said...

Fitzwilliam. Definitely.

(((Judy))) It's a difficult time but it is all worth it and when you have your baby in your arms all this frustration will feel very far away.

I hated weeks 41 and 42, though. However, since Fecklet was extra cooked, he's a fast developer!