Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Next In Line!

Yesterday I learned that the lady next in line before me to give birth just has. To a baby girl! I've also had a string of tip offs lately about recent pregnancies *yey* and it seems there's a baby boom on.

So now I'm at the front of the IMMINENT LABOUR QUEUE. Gulp.

It feels awfully scary standing here waiting. I'm clutching my TENS machine like Luke Skywalker does his light sabre.

As Yoda would say, "Panic, I must not!"

I wish I had a Yoda of my own for giving birth. Or a Mr Miyake from The Karate Kid.

Instead - I have my husband (who's an accountant and really not very qualified for the job - bless him).




Jessica Raymond said...

Scary indeed -- but we can do it!!!

And I have been told numerous times by reliable people that once the bub is out you really can't remember a lot about the labour. Just as well, really, or I imagine nobody would ever have more than one child...

What's the tip-off you've heard???

Jess x

Phillipa said...

I shall keeep dropping by, Jude, to see who pops first - you or Jess!

Keep well, all four of you. P x

Marcy said...

Yup, the pain of labour fades. If you'd asked me the day after I gave birth, I was never going to have another baby--ever. But a few weeks later I started opening up to the possibility, and by a few months later I was sure I wanted another. Nature is a wonderful thing.

I have one piece of advice--the epidural can be your best friend.

Good luck, ladies! Enjoy this magical time.

Judy Jarvie said...

Ah thanks for the support and advice guys.

Sorry Jess, should've been more explicit. When I said preg tip offs I meant friends who've blown me early preg news...ahh babies abound.

I am going to try not to post about third trimester blues again. I'm being a broken record.

Michelle Willingham said...

Hang in there, Judy! It will all be over soon. And you can cheer in a few more months when you can go back to wearing your favorite jeans. :) I think I cried the day I was able to fasten them again.