Friday, May 11, 2007

Thirty Seven Weeks - and Counting!

On Wednesday I hit 37 weeks which means the baby is classed as 'term' when it makes an appearance. Yey.
I'm strangely excited and enthused to crack on now. Waiting's never been my strong point but my, these three weeks feel like they're going to crawl.
In other news Nicola Marsh has just had her new baby son two weeks early (and if you visit her blog he's gorgeous) which just makes me want my little bumblino babe even more!
All in good time eh.


Marcy said...

Congrats on reaching the 37 week mark. Now's the time to enjoy your rest before the bub arrives!


Jessica Raymond said...

Hmm, that bump band is nice. Guess it's too late to be buying new maternity clothes now, though...

I'm term 2 weeks today. Not far behind you! It's going to feel more real for me once you've done the deed, I think, because then I'll know my day of destiny is approaching v. fast!

Jess x