Saturday, June 02, 2007

This Baby's Not For Moving

Still no news. No twinges. Nada. But it's early days.

In other news - the RNA's lovely judges Jenny Haddon and Catherine Jones said some of the most lovely things about Taking The Leap that have upended my hormones and sent me ga-ga. You know, the RNA really is the most marvellous organisation ever.

You can read all about the RNA Summer Party here.

Here's their summary on Taking The Leap;

Wounded practice nurse learns to trust and hard-bitten thrill-seeking doctor learns to commit under the pressures of a charity parachute jump and a stalker

This is a delightful love story. We both thought that it had a particularly touching and plausible love scene. The medical background is believable drawn and not intrusive. The book has a nice sense of place, all very Scottish and fab scenery. The add-ons were was lovely characterisation of the small boy, and a spine-tingling sense of the horrors of falling out of a plane - made Catherine, the only woman in the Army who refused to Jump, blench at the memory. So that's an A for empathy then.

How cool is that? Enough to make a grumpy over pregnant woman crumble I'd say. I've decided to continue in the spirit of Dr Hessayon's generosity and donate my 'prize cheque' to BirthTay - the assisted conception unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee - without whom we wouldn't be having our baby. I aim to try and do some regular donating to them in future. I hope it's a fitting use of such a lovely award.

Consider me one very happy Mum to be (even if baby still hasn't come).


Phillipa said...

Congrats Jude - what a lovely thing to do with the cheque and it was a thrill hearing the citations for your book and Jude's. I hope Baby Bertha appears very soon to make it a great week.

Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, waiting for you and Jess to produce so I can be a cyber aunty!