Sunday, June 03, 2007

Waiting for a Star to Fall

Today I am mostly taking my mind off baby waiting with this vid...

The tune is wholly appropriate to my predicament...'waiting, I don't like waiting!'

But I also have a secret suspicion talented romance author and sex pot Julie Cohen is behind the You Tube creation in question! If not, she should've been. It's inspired (cue wistful sigh at David Tennant). Surely someone has to write the book of the video sooooon??? Please?!? jx

Of course the best bit is right at the end when she kisses his helmet (see, I've got you curious now!)


Julie Cohen said...

God is he GORGEOUS.

Completely inspired to do my revisions now so my David Tennant hero can be published on time and go out into the world!

Hope you are all right...

Jessica Raymond said...

I'm so dumb. I don't even WATCH Doctor Who but viewing that little film made me cry.

Damn hormones!!!

Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...

Go Julie - yeyey for the David T book! We want it now and I have no doubt it will be fabulous.

(((Jess))) here's a huge squidgy preggo belly hug for the hormones. Sorry I unbalanced you, wasn't intentional. I can't watch any of the childline/kids charity ads, sends me inconsolable. jx

Fay said...

Hello :)

I clicked on the youtube links under my video and it brought me to your lovely blog :) I'm so glad you enjoyed my video - I had a lot of fun making it :) I'm sadly not the talented Julie Cohen, although writing's my thing when I get the chance, but merely an English (and English!)teacher called Fay :)

I wish you well for your new baby, and thanks again for the lovely comments on the vid :)

All best wishes
Fay (

Julie Cohen said...

How cool! Fay I've had that video in my mind for days...I'll say it again, GOD IS HE GORGEOUS.

David T book out in October in hardback, Jan in paperback, that is if I ever finish these revisions.

It didn't make me cry. The NSPCC ads on the other hand...have to leave the room.